David Zychowski - CEO

David has been an active participant of virtual aviation and the Vatsim community for almost 8 years. David takes care of the daily operations of the airline. He is slowly working on his PPL and works as a Registered Nurse in Critical Care. David grew up in Ohio and has lived in the Central Valley/Bay area of California for almost 5 years.







Kyle Vander Ark - COO

Kyle is from Grand Rapids, MI but played college baseball in Dayton, OH. He holds a Commercial Pilots License and is working towards his goal of flying as a career..







John Croft - Executive VP, Operations

John is a First Officer at United Air Lines. He was originally with Continental Air Lines before the merger, based in Guam. He is currently on medical leave and is active in the flight sim community. Prior to his experience at Continental he was a Captain at Atlantic Southeast Airlines, based in Atlanta. He is type rated on the ATR, the CL-65(CRJ), and the 737. He is rated as an ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI, and Certified Ground Instructor. He is also a center controller on VATSIM. He currently lives just outside Kansas City.